Creative Growth Network or CGN is a tool for small businesses to use in order to grow their brand with confidence.  With strong marketing and project management backgrounds, owners Karen Lerman and Louise Wo are starting a small business revolution.  We are here to help you develop your brand and find your target market in a truly personalized way.  Our network of freelancers will allow you to connect to talented and responsible help in a number of industries.

Here is just some of what we can offer:

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Research
  • Website Development
  • Business Set-Up
  • Event Planning
  • Logo Creation
  • Ongoing Small Business Support

Do you have a great business idea, but don’t know what to do with it? Do you have a small business and want to see it grow and develop?  Well, CGN is here for you!

Contact Karen@CreativeGroupNetwork for information if you are located in New York or Louise@CreativeGroupNetwork if you are a left-coaster and let’s get started!